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L.O.S.T was formed in 2015 to provide an opportunity to individuals who wish to go touring and camping on classic  Lambretta scooters and get the chance to explore the best roads and routes in both this Country and abroad.

In this respect and over the last 5 years L.O.S.T has been a huge success. Great friendships forged, huge laughs, massive volumes of Spirits consumed and lots of miles covered. The most important part is that we have managed together to tick off a huge number of the best riding roads across all corners of the British Isles. 


The Lambretta has been and will remain a cornerstone of L.O..S.T but we as a group are in need of a new challenge. Many of the Enduro's we have completed have been  real tough with long days, riding small rough roads with steep hills. It takes its toll on the humble Lambretta and they break (no matter how well they are put together). The Lambretta has been the limit of our adventures. To that end we need to add another dimension to what and how we do our thing. 


We want to venture further and for longer. We want to get off the beaten track so we can wild camp, have a fire and maybe even sink a dram or two. To accomplish this, L.O.ST is going Adventure Motorcycling.  Specifically, L.O.S.T is going to take on the Trans European Trail (TET). We will still do the Scooter thing (when inspired) but our main Enduro events will be organised around us systematically completing parts of this 14,000 mile route. 

Wish us luck.....





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