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One Night in Porlock

11th / 12th November  2017

Our Annual Piss up in Porlock is upon us at last... it feels like such a long time ago since we were last out together in Snowdonia. Anyways, this year's venture to Porlock will be taking a few extra small lanes around the Luxborough area, heavily forested and damp no doubt so make sure those tyres are soft and have some tread (lol) as you are going to need it. 

Once in Porlock we will pitch up and take a quick spin down to the weir for an early Pint before returning to the campsite for the second leg around the village. 


Saturday 11th November

Leave Brent Knoll Garage @ 09:30hrs

Breakfast en-route around 11:00hrs

At campsite for approximately 15:00hrs

Sunday 12th November

Break camp at 10:30hrs

Return via direct route up the A39

Back at Brent Knoll for approximately 13:00hrs


A forest clearing of the minds

Coutsham bottom

Leaves and streams make the route a little more treacherous than normal

  • A laser light show wins the gadget off and Colin starts to fall off the wagon

  • Pompey was convinced 'as always' that we had been doing 70 mph most of the day.

  • Malcolm made us get drunk

  • Mr G quietly got drunk

  • Shister still giggling about Pompey's poor riding ability 

Disco Pomps - fecking scary!!

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