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L.O.S.T riders 2019 

Stephen Green


Founder, dictator, mechanic and disciplinarian

Marc Gouldsworthy

Posh Marc

Rear Gunner, Gadget supremo with too many nice scooters

Malcom Elmer

Pop star

Another " I ain't getting one of those" brigade turned Street racer.... Still drinks like Keith Richards

Colin Fear

Shovel Technician.

A firm believer in power over precision. A L.O.S.T institution!

Steve Moody


Funny, small, grey round bloke who just 'LOVES IT ENDURO STYLEY'.  we love him for being a good guy with a heart of gold. Still a knob for getting in every photograph going though!!!!! 

Dave Clarke

A Miserable Mod!!!!!!!!  But with a big pipe and lots of needles and jets

Daygan Robinson

Magickness and Musick

Our resident Muso and Madness giver.  Need something worrying about Daygans your man.. Yet to be bloodied in the wilds though. 

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