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From Track to Trail

I've had a fair few lammies over the years but Number 92 was always destined to be a special Lambretta to me for various reasons. Now, this isnt my 92nd Lambretta, I add but rather its track number as used by my good friend Matthew Gooch in the BSSO street class a few years ago. The scooter is a Serveta Jet 200 and a rock solid specimen at that. Tuned and quick at the point of handover.

I firmly believe that all 'road-going' Lammies end up being somewhat special to their owners in the end.. These bonds are formed almost exclusively through the trials and tribulations you will, no doubt, encounter together out on the road. Its the long tales of success in the face of failure that makes each bike a little bit different and maybe even 'lovable' in there own weird way. Ive had fast ones, slow ones, prettyish specimens and all manner of cut and abused variaties but here I wanted one that would do a specific job and do it well - Touring Enduro's. and this bike was it and I knew its history forensically.

The Engine itself has been through numerous incarnations of Barrel, piston, carb and pipe in its 3 years with me but the current configuration has to be honest been quite simply the best over that time and will take some beating in my book. It would probaby take something significant to make me now move away from this trusted configuration, although possibly a touring twin might swing me over.

Currrent engine specification;

SX200 Casings, polished and matched to barrel

Standard 225cc TS1 barrel and piston with re-profiled AF head.

Tino Saatchi 58/107 race crank (balanced and welded)

30mm VHSH Dellorto 30mm Flat-side carburettor

Home-made Boyesen Reed configuration.

Fanspeed Full race exhaust (latest version)

LI 150 gearbox with 16/46 drive.

Mtech -25deg with Setting C.

This arrangement provides a surprisingly usable power spread. It has proven itself time and time again on both those very short and sharphill sections you find on B roads through to the long and engine-killing inclines you encounter on our Motorways and highways. Top speed 82mph but really a good optimum cruising speed of 60mph. Its happy to chug along at 45 in 4th or nip along when needed. Certainly by no means the fastest machine around.

Current running gear specification;

Standard re-produced and improved front Serveta type (fat) dampers.

Rear Yamaha R1 rear shock with 180ib spring - mid position.

Front hydraulic outboard Nissin single disc with Anti-dive.

Tyres - Conti 360 Move 100/90 @ 24ib rear 22ib front.

Again, trial and error but finally a fabulous set up for my weight and riding style. Would recommend this to anyone who likes to ride wet or rough roads.

Other little mods of note;

Quick release floor runners for pit lane repairs.

Centre spare wheel and oil carrier

Electronic Rev / Speedo counter with gear shift / rev indicator

Jockeys HSX headlamp for those dark nights.

Enduro console (Clock / timer and Amperes)

Clear Bubble screen - just fecking hilarious but works very well.

So, back to Speed......... Obviously the amount of tat that is carried on these things for L.O.S.T enduros or even day rideouts nowadays means this thing now weighs a Tonne!!!!!!!! So speed is the least of its priorities. Comfort is however and the addition of a good old seat that just seems to get better with age and one that acually holds you into the bike just a bit. Nothing worse than sliding backward upon accelerating.

I would recommend all or any part of the specification outlined above for touring duty. THis engine has completed just over 3500 mile of pretty harsh riding without so much as a blip.. There are, of course, a great many other build combinations that are equally if not better than mine but for me this bike is so much about the sum of its parts. This sum works sooo sweetly.

The bike is complete(ish) bar a pathfinder and would be classified as as a mid powered, comfy arsed, hill climbing, grin a corner, abuse me plenty type machine with a weird kind of retro look.

See ya out there as you motor by...


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