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The Scottish NC750 - Shister's tale

Name: Stephen Green aka Shister

Scooter: Serveta Jet / Casa 240cc

Date: 30/4/2017

Packing.... I just hate the packing part of the preparations for an Enduro. I always pack to much stuff and find that I am just not ruthless enough in terms of cutting weight.

I do however like some creature comforts with me though. 7 days in a small tent in what could be potentially awful weather over the full period is going to be tough and that extra chocolate bar or music track can go along way.

The Scooter is pretty much ready. I did inadvertently overfill the gearbox with oil and the engine decided to blow the spare out of the breather tube and all over my new casings and rear of the bike. I must remember to take the bike off the one wooden block when filling the thing up.... School boy really!

The new Cassette clutch is now much improved and actually a worrying pleasure to operate. A real nice smooth bite will also help when traversing those steep and twisty hill climbs.

The Crew cab tipper is booked and we have a ramp loaned from Matt at Weston Scooters Ltd to enable us to get the scooters onto the flat bed for transit to Fort William.

All there is left to do now is sort the tools and spares and then pack the lot into my very limited pannier space.

This is going to be an epic adventure. This blog will be updated as and when we have

Date: 2/5/2017

Its about to get real......

Well peeps, the spring enduro is upon us and Scotland awaits our arrival.

This is going to be a true test of machine and rider and is a serious challenge for so many reasons. L.O.S.T riders have tackled long distance rides over shorter periods before but this is 9 days under canvass (or tarpaulin) , riding through or across terrain that is best described as extremely 'remote and rough'. It has been done before on Scooters but most just attempt the core 500 mile loop and not include the Skye and Southern loop which will tip our overall balance to above the 750 mark.

An important factor to consider and one of the core principles of a L.O.S.T enduro is is the concept of 'No back up van'. This is probably the most important factor of all when weighing up this challenge in the whole. The scoots are a considerable risk when confronted with a real lot of tough work.

The route and scenery is probably up there in terms of offering one of the best riding experiences you can do in the World, let alone Europe. This is a bucket list candidate.

Hopefully, the weather is kind to us in respects to rain, anything else can be dealt with whereas 7 days, night and day in the rain is hard going and not just from a riding prospective

I got no doubt in my mind that the guys riding will never ever forget this trip for so many reasons but if nothing else they will have experienced something spectacular.

We are prepared. We got the gear, we are practiced in our riding and the scoots have been readied.

Bring it on..... The NC750..

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